1Competition Objective

‘Macao Young Musicians Competition’ (CJMM, the Competition) seeks to promote the development of classical music and provide opportunities for young local musicians to gain valuable stage experience and enhance their performance abilities, as well as to encourage participants to discover their musical potential, help them explore professional development in music and possibly embark on a musical career.

2Notes on Borrowing Musical Instruments and Equipment

  1. A grand piano (A=442) and music stands are available at the competition venue. Application is not required for borrowing them;
  2. Piano pedal riser is available; please submit application to borrow during Online Registration;
  3. Participants must ensure that the borrowed musical instruments are in good shape without any damage after use. If there is any damage, destruction or loss of the borrowed instruments, the Organiser reserves the right to claim compensation from the Participants;
  4. Warm-up rooms are available for Participants; schedule of using the warm-up rooms will be announced by the Organiser according to performance order of competition.

3Competition Rules

  1. The order of performance will be determined by the Organiser through computer ballot, and Participants must perform according to the allocated order;
  2. Participants in the concerto category must perform with their accompanist(s). If the accompanist(s) is/are absent at the scheduled time of performance, the Participants will be deemed waiving the right to participate in the competition, and thus forbidden to perform;
  3. Rules on competition pieces and music scores:
    1. Participants and their accompanists are responsible for ensuring their use of legal copies of music scores; no photocopies should be used or brought onto the stage;
    2. Participants or accompanists using music scores downloaded online shall present a payment receipt in support of such scores are obtained legally;
    3. Participants must perform the pieces as specified on their registration forms;
    4. Participants must submit, at the time of application, one copy of their free choice pieces for Jury’s reference; the copies submitted will not be returned and will be destroyed by the Organiser after the competition;
    5. Participants are not permitted to compete in more than one category with the same free choice piece, or to perform free choice pieces they have used in previous Macao Young Musicians Competition;
    6. Participants in violation of the rules set in clause 3.1 to 3.5 will only be given a written assessment in lieu of a score, and thus cannot compete for any prizes;
    7. Participants should follow the music score to complete their performance within the time limit. If a Participant deviates from the notation (unless otherwise specified in the score), the Jury shall decide whether his or her overall score will be affected;
    8. Participants shall not play repeats or first time bars (or first endings) unless otherwise stated explicitly in the “set piece selection regulations”. Da Capo (D.C.) and Dal Segno (D.S.) should be played as instructed;
  4. The list of Jury will be released on 10th July. If any Participant is a relative, student, or business associate of any members of the Jury, he or she must notify the Organiser before the competition so that the Jury in question may not score him or her. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify a Participant and strip him or her of any awarded prizes once discovering that the Participant concealed such relationship with a Jury;
  5. Jury may require a Participant to stop playing if they believe the performance up till the requested stop is sufficient in arriving a fair decision; on the contrary, Jury may ask a Participant to repeat the piece(s) if they are unable to assess his or her previous performance;
  6. Participants are prohibited to have any contact with Jury before the announcement of the competition results. Those in violation will be disqualified and their awarded prizes withdrawn;
  7. The Organiser reserves the right to arrange and change the competition venue(s) or schedule.

4Notes on Checking In

  1. Participants must check-in at the competition venue at the designated time by presenting the original copy of valid Macao Resident ID Cards to collect a badge for performance; Accompanists are required at the same time to produce copies of personal identification documents and collect a receive a badge for performance;
  2. Participants failing to obtain the badge for performance at the reception desk at the designated time will be regarded as ‘late’. Though permitted to perform, a late Participant will only be given a written assessment in lieu of a score, and thus cannot compete for any prizes;
  3. Participants who fail to appear on stage after their names called three times will be seen as withdrawn from competition and will not be allowed to perform on stage.

5Assessment Criteria

  1. Competition results are graded on a scale from 0 to 100 points;
  2. Juries will score based on the performing technique, interpretation, musicality, and artistic appeal of Participants;
  3. Competition results will be calculated according to the average of total scores by the Juries, rounded to two decimal places;
  4. Juries reserve the right to make final decision on all music-related issues. All scoring decisions made are final and Participants must respect and accept the those decisions.

6Score Card & Presentation of Prizes

  1. Score Cards will be distributed to Participants following the competition in each category; any Participant failing to receive a Score Card at the venue may collect it at IC Building with the presentation of his/her Macao Resident ID Card 10am to 7pm from 7th to 9th September (including lunch hour); unclaimed Score Cards will be destroyed after that date;
  2. All prize winners may collect awards and certificates at IC Building by presenting their Macao Resident ID Card in person, 10am to 7pm from 7th to 9th September (including lunch hour); unclaimed certificates will be destroyed after that date;
  3. Prize winners or representative of prize winner team should collect the prize in person. If an authorized person is collecting the prize on one’s behalf, a completed and signed authorization letter and personal statement is required during the collection. Details as below:

Collect in person Present the recipient’s Macao Resident ID Card or its copy Present the representative’s Macao Resident ID Card or its copy
Collect by Authorized person 1. Present the winner’s or representative’s Macao Resident ID Card or its copy;
2. Present the authorized person’s identity document for registration;
3. Authorized Person Statement* (for Cash Award Collection);
4. Authorization Letter* (for Prize Collection).
* Forms for Authorized Person Statement and Authorization Letter are available for download on competition's website or collection at Cultural Affairs Bureau Building.

7Measures for Typhoon & Rainstorm

  1. If Typhoon Signal No.8 (or above) or Rainstorm Warning is issued during the competition, Organiser may reschedule or continue the competition according to actual circumstances; Participants shall decide to stay or not when the competition continues and hold responsibility of their own safety. There will not be a reschedule if the Participants decide not to stay;
  2. Organiser will announce the news via the website or SMS to mobile phone numbers provided by Participants upon registration.

Issuing Time



After 06:30

Morning session cancelled

After 11:00

Afternoon session cancelled

After 16:00

Evening session cancelled

During the competition

The current session continues


or below

Competitions held as scheduled

or above

Any time

All session in the day cancelled

During the competition

Cancellation depending on the actual situation

When signal lowered to no. 3 from no. 8 or above

All session in the day cancelled


  1. By registering the competition, the Participants acknowledge and agree all the Rules and Regulations here promulgated;
  2. This Rules and Regulations are available in Chinese, Portuguese and English. The Chinese version shall prevail in case of any divergence;
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to modify published competition Rules & Regulations. Amendments to its content will be published at the Macao Young Musicians Competition website (www.icm.gov.mo/cjmm), and information announced online shall prevail.
  4. The Organiser reserves the rights of final decision and interpretation of these Rules and Regulation.