Any person who is born in or after 1996 and holding a valid Macao Resident ID Card.


  1. Participant should use the name identical to his/her Macao Resident ID Card;
  2. A Participant may compete in no more than four categories, and shall choose only one level;
  3. Participants should apply for the competition level in accordance with their own level of musical competence or ability. Application for signing up in a competition level lower than one’s competence or ability is strictly prohibited; if non-conformity between a Participant’s declared musical level and competition level is found, the organiser reserves the right to disqualify him/her from the competition, and cancel his/her prize won;
  4. If there are less than five Participants or teams enrolled in a Category, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the relevant competition, and Participants shall not raise any objections; under such circumstance, registration fee will be refunded; no registration fee paid will be refunded in any circumstances other than this one.
  5. First-prize winners in any categories of the past Macao Young Musicians Competition are not eligible to compete in the same category again;
  6. No Participant shall be a member of two or more teams competing in the same “Piano Four Hands” or “Piano Chamber Music” Category;
  7. Students majoring in relevant music instrument performance, in diploma or Bachelor’s Degree programmes or above at any music academies or higher education institutions, as well as students of a high school affiliated to a music academy, including “Cursos de Técnica de Música” of the Macao Conservatory, full-time professional musicians engaging in relevant musical instrument performance profession, are not eligible to compete;
  8. No age limit is placed on accompanist, and submission of personal particulars of accompanist is not required during submission. However, Participant is required to produce a copy of his/her personal identification documents for registration during the designated report time of a competition.

3Application Method

1. Application is done first via online registration, followed by payment and documents submission. Details are:

Registration Procedures Fill in Online Registration form → Receive Registration Slip of Online Registration via email and mobile phone SMS → Print the Registration Slip → Submit document(s) → Pay → Application Complete
Registration Fee MOP100.00 per category
Online Registration Website www.icm.gov.mo/cjmm
Online Registration Date 20th March, 10:00 – 26th March, 18:00
Documents Submission and Fee Payment Date 24th – 26th March 10:00 - 19:00 (including lunch hour)
Registration Deadline 26th March, 19:00
Location for Fees Payment and Documents Submission IC Building
Documents to be Submitted 1. Registration Slip from Online Registration
2. The original (for verification only) and one copy of Participant’s valid Macao Resident ID Card;
3. Registration fee;
4. One copy of music score* of free choice piece (if any);
5. Authorization Letter (if applicable)

* Participants shall mark the Name (of Participant or Team Representative), the Category and Competition Level on the music score.

2. Applicants who are not familiar with computer operation may go, in person, to IC Building during 24th to 26th March and apply through the online registration process with assistance from support officers. Applicants may bring along the required documents and settle payment on site.

4Submission by Authorized Representative or Group Registration

  1. To protect the rights and interests of Participant, Participant should submit documents and payment in person. Document submission for ensemble categories can be done by the representative of the ensemble. If any of the Participant or representative of ensemble cannot submit document and pay in person, an authorized person may be appointed, with a signed and completed Letter of Authorization (as part of the Registration Slip from Online Registration or can be downloaded on website), together with all the required documents. The authorized person should present, during submission of document, his/her identity document for verification. The Participant should make sure that all the documents are complete and correct before submission by authorized person.
  2. For submission of 10 or above applications, Participants may choose submit information collectively; in such case, a Name List of Group Registration (Form C) should be submitted along with Registration Slip from Online Registration and required documents;\
  3. If choosing to submit information collectively, Participants are required to complete the Letter of Authorization (as part of the Registration Slip from Online Registration), and the authorized person should present, on the registration site, the original of his/her identity document for verification.

5Notes on Changes of Information

  1. Participants are not allowed to change their competition categories, levels and pieces (either free choice or compulsory pieces) after registration; members cannot be added, withdrawn or changed, and representative cannot be renamed for ensemble categories;
  2. In special circumstances, a Participant may request changing the order of performance by completing Request of Change of Performance Order (Form D) must be submitted in person by the Participant during 17th to 19th May, 10:00 to 19:00 (including lunch hour) at Cultural Affairs Bureau Building. Change of order of performance is not valid without being approved by the Organizer;.
  3. If a Participant need to change the order of performance with short notice due to an emergency, he or she must fill in a Form for Request of Change of Performance Order (Form D) and submit it in person, along with any documented evidence (e.g. medical certificate), at the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building or the competition venue no later than two working days before the date of competition. Any change of the order of performance is not valid without being approved by the Organizer;
  4. To protect the rights and interests of participants, a Form for Request of Change of Performance Order (Form D) must be submitted in person by the Participant requesting any change of information. If the Participant or team representative is not able to submit the form personally, he or she must fill in an Letter of Authorization to authorize person to submit a form on one’s behalf, and the authorized person must present his or her original, valid identity document for verification when submitting the form.