“Parade through Macau, Latin City”

DAC_-15_1_《澳門拉丁城區幻彩大巡遊》 DAC_-15_1_《澳門拉丁城區幻彩大巡遊》
DAC_-15_2_《澳門拉丁城區幻彩大巡遊》 DAC_-15_2_《澳門拉丁城區幻彩大巡遊》
DAC_-15_1_《澳門拉丁城區幻彩大巡遊》 DAC_-15_1_《澳門拉丁城區幻彩大巡遊》

2015【Parade through Macao, Latin City】
“Treasure Hunt” is the theme of this year’s “Parade through Macao, Latin City”. VIVA leads the bravest citizens of Macao and abroad in the search for a hidden treasure, following the clues provided in a treasure map. They set off from the famous Ruins of St. Paul’s, and pass through three secret areas of Macao, in order to find love, peace, and cultural integration, deciphering the secret in the map. In the end, they reach Tap Seac Square to celebrate the Anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China, and to share these unforgettable moments with everyone!

Venue:Ruins of St. Paul’s – St. Lazarus’ Quarter – Tap Seac Square

Dec 6,Onwards-VIVA!