New publications: Review of Culture Special Edition: 10th Anniversary of the Inscription of the Historic Centre of Macao as World Heritage List


The Chinese version of the Review of Culture launches a commemorative edition of the 10th anniversary of the inscription of the local Cultural Heritage, divided into two sections filled with academic articles and heritage protection achievements, namely:

  1. Articles by local and foreign academics who are familiar with Macao’s World Heritage and by members of the Cultural Heritage Counsel, featuring opinions and reflections on the protection works of the World Heritage throughout these 10 years (including on the Cultural Heritage Protection Law) as well as suggestions for the future and thoughts about intangible heritage and archeological excavations, among others.
  2. Chronicle of the ten years of Cultural Heritage protection, reflections on the MSAR Governments participation in the UNESCO World Heritage Commitee sessions throughout the years and sharing of specific heritage protection cases.

Launch: July to August 2015

Enquiries: Ms. Chao 8399 6323