Invigorated with VIVA energy to dance together in the “City of Performing Arts”

The Macao International Parade is one of the main events in celebration of Macao’s Return to the Motherland, gathering performing groups from around the world and extraordinary local artists in the city, singing and dancing in their distinctive costumes and styles along the bustling streets filled with a rich cultural atmosphere. Highlighting Macao’s unique cultural landscape and engaging residents and tourists in the festive vibes, the groups will spread the spirit of “Love, Peace and Cultural Integration” and promote cultural and artistic interaction and exchange, adding joy to Macao’s return to the motherland!

This year, the Parade’s mascot VIVA will travel to a magical and mysterious planet with the public. With the performance energy gained during its space exploration journey, VIVA will return to Macao and create a new magical stage, bringing an immersive artistic experience for the audience to enjoy in this City of Performing Arts!

Opening Ceremory 15:00 | Ruins of St. Paul’s

Led by VIVA, the great parade of participating groups will set off from the Ruins of St. Paul’s with several stunning performances, then heading towards the mysterious planet.


Fantastic Journey│Along the Parade route

The participating groups will showcase their exceptional skills and interact with the public along the route, filling the streets with joy and jubilation. Guided by an enigmatic figure, VIVA embarks on a fantastic journey and finds himself unceasingly surprised by unique art installations and by the enthusiastic groups which participate in the Parade.


VIVA Carnival│Avenida Panorâmica do Lago Nam Van and Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho

A dazzling array of performances, game booths and creative interactive installations will be featured at Avenida Panorâmica do Lago Nam Van and Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho, and the VIVA Carnival will be staged at Anim’Arte NAM VAN. Let’s join in the fun!


Closing Performance 18:30 | Sai Van Lake Square

With the VIVA energy collected from the universe, VIVA will create a magical stage and immerse the spectators in a vibrant outdoor artistic experience. The grand party will begin soon and see you all at the annual celebration for the entire city – VIVA!

Participating groups

  1. Lin Fong Pou Chai School Lion Dance Team
  2. The Overseas Vietnamese Association in Macau
  3. Fu Zhou Shi Yi Waist Drum Dance Art and Cultural Association of Macao
  4. Chon Lan Music Association of Macau
  5. General Association of Macao Square Fitness Dance
  6. Indian Culture Association of Macau
  7. Macau Cheerleading Popularization Association, China
  8. Macau Association of Mutual Help of Myanmar Overseas Chinese
  9. Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra Association
  10. Macau Jazz Promotion Association
  11. Macau Dancing World Arts Center
  12. Hou Kong Middle School Dance Troupe
  13. Cooperative Association of Arts and Culture of 37 Degrees
  14. Macau Dance Teachers’ Association
  15. The Macao Philharmonic Orchestra
  16. Miss White Dance Group
  17. Capoeira Sports and Cultural Association of Macau
  18. Macau Children Arts Troupe
  19. Nam On Natives Association of Macau
  20. Kapo Dance Studio
  21. Ou Mun Sin U Hong Chong Wui
  22. Macao Ballet and Dance Association
  23. Macau Art‧Ignition Space Art Troupe
  24. Indian Cultural and Health Association of Macau
  25. Macau Greenery Chinese Opera Association
  26. Associação de Danças e Cantares Portuguesa “Macau no Coração”
  27. Creative Image Arts Association of Macau
  28. Yuet Wah College Dance Troupe
  29. Macau Contemporary Ballet Art Association
  30. Centre of Kok Ngai Dance and Art of Macao
  31. Association of Chinese National Culture and Arts
  32. Macau Space for Dance Idea
  33. Macao International Street Dance Association
  34. Macau Special Olympics
  35. Bisdak Association of Macau
  36. Shang Ao International Ballroom Dance Association
  37. Hou Kong Middle School Marching Band
  38. Aspiration Dance Association Macau
  39. Macau Youth Street Dance Associaton
  40. Millenium Secondary School
  41. Associação Casa do Brasil em Macau
  42. Associação de Divulgação de Arte e Cultura nas Ruas de Macau
  43. Associação de Dança — Ieng Chi
  44. Violet Dancing Association
  45. Macau International Association of Oriental Dance
  46. Sports Club Wai Son Macao China
  47. Stella & Artists
  48. Santo Niño de Cebu in Macau Association
  49. Big Mouse Kids Drama Group
  50. Macau «Casa de Portugal»
  51. Macau Pui Ching Middle School Dance Troupe
  52. Association of Macau Street Dance
  53. Macau Break Dance Sport Culture Promotion Association
  54. PO Art Studio
  55. Macau Youth International Art and Culture Association
  56. Own Theatre X Long Fung Theatre X Gymnastics Club Macau X Rare Circus (HK)
  57. Macao Percussion Association X CIE Wulong (Shanghai)
  58. Noah Family Mutual Aid Association
  59. Mitsuru Education Center
  60. Three People Art and Literature Club
  61. Macau lnternational Oriental Dance Youth Association
  62. Macau Wu Jun Fu Yueju Opera Role Association
  63. Macau Anglican College Primary Percussion Ensemble
  65. Macau Samba School

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