Multimedia Full-length Cantonese Opera Bonds of Hato

Zhen Hua Sing Cantonese Opera Association

29, 30/4 │ Saturday, Sunday │ 19:30
Sands Theatre
Tickets: MOP 220, 120

Protecting and rebuilding Macao's glory against all odds

In 2017, Super Typhoon Hato struck Macao, causing extensive floods, power and water outages, and network disruptions, and left the city devastated with streets blocked by fallen trees and full of garbage. In the face of adversity, all walks of life in the city united their strength to overcome the numerous difficulties and help each other: public security forces and residents worked together to save lives; medical staff devoted themselves to rescuing the wounded and helping those in distress; and volunteers from various sectors lent their support, helping to accelerate the resumption of social order. With approval from the Central People's Government, the Macao Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army also participated in the post-typhoon clean-up and relief operations, re-injecting vitality into the city through their joint efforts with the general public.

Multimedia Full-length Cantonese Opera Bonds of Hato is based on real events that occurred throughout the storm and during post-typhoon relief work. Combining the quintessence of traditional Cantonese opera and multimedia technology in modern theatre, taking an ingenious artistic approach, this performance celebrates the noble sentiments of Macao people who love the city and the country alike with selfless dedication.

Executive Producer: Chu Chan Wa
Director: Cheng Wai Kwok
Playwright: Chan Chi Mui
Lighting Design: Lei Pui Mio
Main Cast: Chu Chan Wa, Lai Qiongxia, Che Pui San, Tang Va Chio, Loc Vai Kiong, Choi Iok Ha and Mok Weng Lam

Duration: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one interval
Performed in Cantonese, with surtitles in Chinese and English

Introductory Text

Macao was hit by the Super Typhoon Hato on 23 August 2017, which is a memory of unforgettable sorrow for the local people who suffered through the experience. Looking back at this calamity after 3 years of COVID-19 epidemic, Bonds of Hato not only recreates, in the form of original Cantonese opera, the catastrophic period which evokes mixed feelings among Macao people, but also highlights their bonds in joining the relief efforts together.

As for stage performance, Chu Chan Wa works as the executive producer and Chan Chi Mui as the playwright, and mainland Chinese veteran director Cheng Wai Kwok has been invited to direct this opera and National First Class Actress Lai Qiongxia to play the leading female role. In Chu’s view, “In the current era of rapid scientific and technological development, multimedia stage technology also plays an important role in enhancing the overall effect of storytelling in modern theatre. In stage design, we will make use of the existing facilities of the stage, adding audio-visual and lighting effects that are closer to our real life, so as to engage the audience in the scenes with a more true-to-life and immersive experience.” By staging the opera at the Sands Theatre, one of the few modern theatres in Macao, the association hopes to showcase its multimedia effects more comprehensively and “elevate” its theme and artistry.

By Egretta
Theatre critic and a media practitioner with two Master’s degrees in Journalism and Cultural Management from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently writing on a number of topics for several media platforms on a freelance basis, including art and cultural development, history and features of Macao, and eco-friendly lifestyle.


This article is excerpted and translated from Chinese

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