The Dress Looks Nice on You 

Dream Theater Association

20, 21/5 │ Saturday, Sunday │ 19:45
Small Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre
Tickets: MOP 180

“The hallucinations that are not accepted in life are acceptable in the theatre…and life is no longer a cycle of loneliness as seen in the eyes of ordinary people.” – Amalia Wong, theatre critic

In astrology, Neptune symbolises hallucination, redemption, disorder, and yearning, and represents all that is unrealistic and ambiguous. Its illusory nature can often lead to chaos.

Inspired by personal experiences and integrating interviews with psychotic individuals, the production team has created The Dress Looks Nice on You (also known as Neptune in Chinese), a performance with psychosis as its textual basis and a focus on sensory experiences. This play conveys the story of a new theatre director who gets to learn about the world of individuals suffering from psychosis through interviews with her partner and his psychotic mother and tries to create a theatrical production based on these experiences. However, the more she learns about psychosis, the more uncertain she is about whether this work is suitable to be staged…

Featuring an interweaving of reality and delusion, The Dress Looks Nice on You leads the audience into the auditory, mental and visual world of people with psychosis using a non-linear approach to sounds and images.

Director: Cheong Kin I
Playwright: Chen Hung-Yang
Main Cast: Ben Ieong, Helen Ko, Lam Ka Pik and Perry Fok
Design: Wan Si Lok, Tou Kuok Hong, Kaby Chan and Nicco Sun

Duration: Approximately 2 hours, no interval
Performed in Cantonese, with surtitles in Chinese and English 
Restricted to audiences aged 13 or above (adult content and coarse language)

Post-show talk on 20 May

Contains strong lighting, low frequency and harsh noise effects

Introductory Text

“To restore a kind of everyday life in the chaos and disorder that are deliberately created…” is regarded by Cheong Kin I, director of The Dress Looks Nice on You (also known as Neptune in Chinese), as the main objective of the play. It is not intended to speak emotionally for psychotic individuals or to convey sympathy, but to try to construct a state of everyday life using theatrical language, even though it may not be a reality understandable or acceptable for most people.

The Dress Looks Nice on You comprises nearly 60 pieces of stories or fragments dispersed among different points in time and space and among different characters and genders. Centring around psychotic individuals, the play relates the story of a theatre director who attempts to create a production about psychosis but keeps thinking whether she should proceed with the production and how to represent the relationship between reality and imagination in theatre. Five performances of The Dress Looks Nice on You were staged at the Black Box Theatre of the Old Court Building in 2021. With vibrant stage effects, a plot with intertwining dialogues, and a non-linear narrative, the play left a deep impression on the audience and was voted by theatre critics as a “noteworthy production in 2021”. The revival version this year will be staged at the Small Auditorium of Macao Cultural Centre to showcase a purposefully chaotic and imaginary world to a larger audience.


By Sara Lo
A freelance theatre practitioner, media writer, activity planner and administrator. Lo has also participated in theatre production and education and among her works are the educational theatre piece Bonecage and the forum theatre Home vs Work. In recent years, she has written many interview articles and commentaries on the cultural and creative industries, art development and stage performances in Macao, which can be seen on different platforms such as Performing Arts Forum, C² Magazine, All About Macau Media, and Reviews.


This article is excerpted and translated from Chinese



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