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I Am a Moon: A Poetic Urban Tale

I Am a Moon is a poetic production in which the journey to the moon is used as a metaphor for the search of the self. Written by US-based Chinese playwright Zhu Yi, this play combines the solitary and sentiment, which is unique to Sinophone literature, and American self-deprecating black humour. The plot consists of two parts: an isolated astronaut’s journey to the moon, and the interconnected stories of five ordinary people on different terms, which echo with the astronaut’s state of mind during his/her journey.

The play will be performed by the Drum Tower West Theatre on an ingeniously designed stage. In the centre is a revolving playground, surrounded from three sides by the astronaut’s area, where he/she sometimes rides a bicycle and sometimes pushes the moon as he/she walks. The fairy-tale stage is so intriguing that it invites the audience into the starry sky to have a glimpse at the characters’ lives from an omniscient perspective.

I Am a Moon is a play full of vitality, glowing with the playwright’s keen observation of life, and the director’s examination of the subtleties in human relationships, and leaves the audience with a more compassionate and poetic view of life.


By Becca Cheung
Graduated in Directing from the School of Drama of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and has also engaged in physical theatre and dramaturgy.

This article is excerpted and translated from Chinese