Workshop of Dragon Boat Festival Sachet Making

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional festivals in Macao and it is the custom of local residents to use pest repelling plants such as moxa grass and calamus during this festival. In this workshop, the Macao Museum invites a local artisan to make special sachets by integrating creative festive elements, allowing participants to experience the connotation of the traditional culture during the sachet making process.


10 June
10:30am - 12:30pm
Target participants: people aged 14 or above
Number of participants: 20

10 June
2pm - 4pm (Family session)
Target participants: people aged 6 or above
Number of participants: 10 pairs (20 participants)

Macao Museum Gift Shop

Language: Cantonese
Selection method: drawing lots
Free admission
Registration: log in to “activity applications” of the Macao One Account from 10am on 24 May (Wednesday)
Enquiries: 8394 1241 (during office hours)