About the Parade

Since its first edition in 2011, the Parade gradually became one of the city’s annual events celebrating Macao’s handover to China, as well as also an important cultural brand of the city.
Every year, participating groups from all over the world as well as extraordinary local artists lead residents and tourists in an adventure through streets and alleys full of history in a festive atmosphere, showcasing Macao’s unique cultural characteristics as well as its ambience of cultural integration, promoting cultural and artistic interaction and exchange as well.
The Parade brings joy and merriment to the celebration of Macao’s handover, while offering an opportunity to promote the city’s unique culture abroad. This year the “Parade through Macao, Latin City” is renamed “Macao International Parade”, hoping that the event will move towards internationalization, demonstrating the unique charm of Macao.

Parade route

In order to ensure public safety during the Parade, please refrain from operating unmanned aerial devices.

Opening Ceremory│Ruins of St. Paul’s  15:00

The extraordinary opening performance takes place at the Ruins of St. Paul’s, where VIVA and various participating groups launch the Parade.
Lively performances follow each other in a unique and creative manner. A celebration not to be missed!

Vibrant Dance Floor│Avenida Panorâmica do Lago Nam Van

The city’s busy streets and avenues are transformed into a vibrant dance floor, featuring ethnic dances, amusing puppets, acrobatic performers with elaborate costumes,
unexpected clowns, and stunts on stilts…each participating group showcases its exceptional skills to the public, creating a joyful atmosphere.

Handover Celebration│Sai Van Lake Square 18:30

Participating groups from Macao and from all over the world gather at Sai Van Lake Square to celebrate the handover, a feast of “Love, Peace and Cultural Integration” !
Everyone is invited to dance to the rhythm of the party!

Promotional activities

A series of promotional activities will be held, including a photography contest, games with prizes and other creative pastimes.
Follow the Parade’s website and social media to receive the latest information and get the chance to win amazing prizes!

Crowd control

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