Caught by Surprise


In order to encourage original design and promote the development of the cultural and creative industries in Macao, this edition of the MIMF invited local illustrator Wakka Cheang to design two exquisite souvenirs, which feature five music ambassadors from different music kingdoms holding different musical instruments, symbols that the Macao International Music Festival offers the public not only diversified and amazing music performances but also extraordinary experiences.

The souvenirs are available for sale at discounted prices, subject to availability, at the Macao Cultural Centre, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Mandarin's House and Navy Yard No. 2 during the performances of the 32nd Macao International Music Festival. The public’s support to local cultural and creative products is very welcome!

“Music Ambassadors” Folders


The music ambassadors have their own musical instruments and play beautiful music with advanced techniques, bringing diversified music performances and experiences.


Set of “Good Music X Good Mood” Magnets and Stickers


Music and mood always change. A set of four mood magnets and music ambassadors memo stickers reflect the public’s mood and express the public’s emotions.


Introduction of the illustrator:
Wakka Cheng likes visual images and the arts. He likes interesting subjects and often creates spontaneously
when he reflects about an interesting concept. The inspiration of his creations derives from small stories about people and he often amuses himself with funny stories.