Zhejiang Province is naturally endowed with scenic beauty and ingenious people

Jiangsu, a place endowed with many cultural treasures and talented craftspeople, is renowned both in China and abroad for its rich variety of innovative, delicate and well-crafted Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) items. For this reason, it is regarded as the ‘Capital of Oriental Arts and Crafts’.

Beginning in August of 2009, a series of displays featuring 12 different traditional handicrafts from the various major cities in Jiangsu Province – among them Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou and Xuzhou – was held in Lou Kau Mansion, one of Macao’s own World Heritage Sites. In response to the success and popularity of these presentations, we continue the series, introducing still more of the folk arts of Jiangsu, with their distinctive regional features, inherent charm and captivating folk wisdom. These include Nanjing Paper Cutting and Qinhuai Lanterns from Nanjing City, Copper Forging, Crystal Carving and Feibai Calligraphy from Lianyungang City, Blue Calico and Banyao Kites from Nantong City, Porcelain Carving from Zhenjiang City, Pyrography and Stone Carving from Suqian City and Wheat Straw Collage and Dough Figurine Sculpture from Yancheng City. As each folk art is demonstrated live, in person, by some of its most renowned practitioners, this traditional Chinese artistry – which embraces the collective memory and civilisation of a people – comes to life in the displays and exchanges showcased at Lou Kau Mansion.