Zhejiang Province is naturally endowed with scenic beauty and ingenious people

Guizhou Province enjoys great diversity in terms of its people and culture. Minority groups account for 38% of the total population, and the region boasts immensely abundant cultural resources. The Province’s various ethnic minorities have traditionally engaged in exchange and integration, resulting in an immeasurably rich and diverse intangible cultural heritage with important and distinct ethnic characteristics.

The region’s unique geography and folk customs have helped preserve this intangible cultural heritage, a fact particularly true for the minority groups residing in small communities, where folk customs are authentic and have clear historical continuity. At present, the Provincial List of Cultural Heritage contains 440 items, of which 73 items and 125 sites also belong to China’s National List. Inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Grand Song of the Dong Ethnic Group has a place among those intangible cultural heritage items shared and protected by people from all over the world.