‘10th Anniversary of the Historic Centre of Macao as World Heritage – International Academic Seminar on Cultural Heritage Conservation” assembles local and foreign experts to spur cultural heritage research


In order to promote research about the "Historic Centre of Macao" and the conservation of the local cultural heritage, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Centre for Macau Studies of the University of Macau organise the "10th Anniversary of the Historic Centre of Macao as World Heritage – International Academic Seminar on the Conservation of the Cultural Heritage", with the support from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of the People’s Republic of China. The Seminar will be held this Sunday, 12 July, at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre (4th floor) at 11 a.m. All citizens are welcome to attend and all participants will be given a limited "tri-dimensional paper models of a Macao World Heritage site".

Several local and foreign experts and academics in the field of cultural heritage were invited to present papers in this Seminar. They possess a rich knowledge on cultural heritage academic research, architecture, restoration, and planning and education promotion and have been long engaged in works of cultural heritage. Their achievements and contribution are widely recognised. The Organiser hopes to enhance the sustainable development of Macao’s cultural heritage conservation and to increase the professional quality of the relevant field with the presenters’ broad international horizons, rich professional experience and far-sighted mindset. Among the speakers are the President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mr. Ung Vai Meng; the UNESCO Chair in Urban Design and Conservation Studies, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem of Israel, Professor Michael Turner; the recipient of the International Leadership Award from the American Planning Association (APA) and  of the “Forbes Prize” by the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works,  and Director of the Palace Museum of The Forbidden City in Beijing, Mr. Shan Jixiang; the expert in heritage and architecture conservation, Vice-President of ICOMOS and expert member of two ICOMOS International Scientific Committees, Mr. Peter Phillips; the member of the Cultural Heritage Council of Macao, professor at the University of Macau awarded the “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques” (Knight of the Order of Academic Palms) by the Ministry of Education of France, Professor Tang Kaijian; the former Vice-President of ICOMOS, member of the International Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration of ICOMOS, and President of the World Heritage Research Committee of China Cultural Heritage Association, Mr. Guo Zhan; the former President of ICOMOS Korea, professor of the Dongguk University in Seoul awarded the "Ok-Gwan Culture Medal", Professor Hae Un Rii; and the Director of the China Association of City Planning, Chairman of the Academic Committee of Historic City Conservation of the Urban Planning Society of China, and Chief Planner of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Mr. Zhang Bing.

In addition, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Macao as World Heritage, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has released a set of four "tri-dimensional paper models of a world heritage site", depicting four representative items of architecture - St. Joseph's Seminary and Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre, The Mandarin’s House, and A-Ma Temple - in conjunction with a front square base embodying the characteristic Sino-Western cultural and architectural harmony of Macao. By building miniatures of World Heritage buildings, residents can deepen their understanding of the shapes of these structures and experience the beauty of these buildings while feeling the features of Macao, where the culture of the East integrates and juxtaposes the culture of the West. To encourage residents to pay attention to Macao’s cultural heritage conservation, seminar participants will be offered the referred paper model.

The participants will speak in Mandarin or English with Cantonese, Portuguese, Mandarin and English interpretation. Seating are limited. For registration and enquiries, please contact Ms. Leong at 8399 6431 or Ms. Pang at 8399 6392 during office hours. For more details, please visit the website www.icm.gov.mo/mhd10/c/event/5242.

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