The "Infinite Love Marathon Concerts" will be held from February 12th to 20th at the Sai Van Lake Plaza, in Macao. It will bring together around 300 local entertainers to give marathon musical performances for a total of 44 hours for 9 consecutive days. Music uplifts the soul and infuses vitality into the society.

The concert invited local singers, bands, ensembles and dance companies to present the theme “love” in the concert through singing, dancing, the cappella, musicals, stage games and live social media broadcasts. Singers from the mainland and Hong Kong were invited to sing songs of love, so that the public can participate in cultural activities under the epidemic, which will help heal the soul and accelerate the overall social recovery. At the same time, we hope to strengthen Macao as a safe and tourist-friendly city and use this event to further attract residents from neighboring areas to Macau.

Additional Information

  1. Participants must wear their own face masks, undergo body temperature checks and scan the QR Code in “Visit Records” (Venue QR Code, in short) to the personnel on site. Only those with temperature of 37℃ or below and with the “Health Code” indicated as green (entry permitted), can enter the venue;
  2. There are restrictions on the number of people at the venue. Admission is suspended when there are too many people. Participants should wait in line for admission in an open space and keep an arm's length away;
  3. Within the scope of the venue, all participants should be always maintain a minimum 1 meter distance from the others and pay attention to personal hygiene;
  4. The food booth has a dining area. Participants are only allowed to eat in the dining area. Do not eat in the performance area.
  5. Interactive booths will be held on-site, with limited places, on a first-come, first-served basis;
  6. The performance time is subject to the actual situation of the event site;
  7. In case of any dispute, the Cultural Affairs Bureau reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.