“2021 hush! Summer Concerts” open call for local bands, musicians, products x creative industries


The event “2021 hush! Summer Concerts”, organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from its Portuguese acronym), will be held from 26 June to 11 July at coastal performance sites, including the Macao Science Centre Square, the Navy Yard No. 2, and the Ponte 9 Rooftop. This year, the event will feature a “hush! Kids” stage for the first time, in addition to a number of concerts, thematic performances, booths hosted by local practitioners, the art of installation and online music competitions. IC is now calling for the participation of local bands and musicians in the “2021 hush! Summer Concerts” and is recruiting cultural creative companies or individuals to jointly develop “hush” branded products. All local bands, musicians and related entities are welcome to participate in the event to promote Macao’s pop music culture.

All local bands and musicians are welcome to participate in the “2021 hush! Summer Concerts”

This year’s “2021 hush! Summer Concerts” will divide the participating bands into three categories, namely ‘Hot Wave’, ‘Upbeat Power’ and ‘Summer Chill’, and will also feature the ‘hush! Kids’ stage for bands formed by members with an average age of 12 or under. The ‘Music Workshop’ features self-nominated or nominated instructors teaching pop music-related knowledge and sharing their experience, providing opportunities for music aficionados to exchange with and learn from each other, while ‘Themed Music Development’ invites local bands, musicians and curators to stage thematic performances through creative music programmes, seeking to promote the development of pop music in Macao.

Open proposal for ‘hush! Products x Creative Industries’ continues this year

To strengthen the event’s brand image, IC will give continuity to an open call for “hush! Products x Creative Industries” to recruit partners for crossover products, thereby leveraging the synergistic effect to further stimulate the development of the music brand and collaborative units through their respective platforms. The selected partners will be authorised to use the ‘hush!’ trademark as a ‘cultural and creative partner’, produce and sell crossover products by assuming sole responsibility for their own profits and losses. They will also set up booths to sell products at a designated area of the concert venues this year.

“The 2021 hush! Summer Concerts” – Open Call for Local Bands and Musicians will run from 11 to 30 March and the Open Call Proposal for “hush! Products x Creative Industries” from 11 March to 12 April. The registration regulations for the two open calls can be viewed and downloaded from IC’s website at www.icm.gov.mo or the ‘HUSH FULL MUSIC’ page on Facebook. The selected registrants will be notified individually and the result will be released on IC’s website in June.

IC will continue to pay close attention to the epidemic situation, actively cooperate with the relevant guidelines issued by the Health Bureau and make appropriate arrangements for the activities. For enquiries, please call 8394 3710 or 8394 3705 during office hours.

Registration regulation for “2021 hush! Summer Concerts” – Open Call for Local Bands and Musicians

Registration regulation for the Open Call Proposal for “hush! Products x Creative Industries”