Osanna Design Workshop


Design Description
The theme of this design is based on imagination with the combination of childlike, graffiti, colorful elements and the unique me. Meanwhile to enhance the MANIFOLD in different type of music.

The music world led by the “Bunny Spirits”, they outcry where there is injustice the flourish, create and contribute manifestant color to this plain and unremarkable world.


Brand Intro
Established at the end of 2018, Osanna Design Workshop is a local design brand based in Macau. We mainly provide graphic design services. In addition, from time to time, we design postcards and sundries to enrich our production. Although our brand is still in its infancy, we hope to convey positive messages through visual arts and words, and we hope to develop a contribution to the Cultural and Creative Industry of Macau.

The lazy black and white cat holding ice cream is the mascot of our brand, the Laying Cat.