"The Lovers Drowned in Love , and the Lonely Ones"— Joe Lei Talks about Song Lyrics Writing

Date: 21/11/2021
Time: 16:30-18:00
Venue: Maritime Training School (Barra Square)
Registration date: 5/11/2021, 10am onwards

Tutor: Joe Lei


The lovers drowned in love, and the lonely ones

Last year he talked about non-love songs, but Joe Lei, the composer and lyricist, returned to the traditional way this year and talk about the lyrics of love songs;
From one sided love to a full love, from homosexuality to unethical love, from the soldier’s love to the wife, to the wife’s secret love to another, the sea of love is boundless, and all beings are suffering. Fortunately, when you feel like drowning, you can discover a classic, which can move you, heal you, or save you.