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The Kalimba thumb piano
The thumb piano, also known as the finger piano or kalimba, is a traditional African tribal instrument that uses a coconut shell or a wooden box with a piece of iron to vibrate and make a sound. It looks simple on the outside but the sound is charming and easy to play and the method of playing is rich, varied and fun. Hold it in your hands and play the unique ethereal sound of the keys with both hands!
Product Specification: 17-note thumb piano
Material: Acacia wood all solid wood

hush! Jazz drum sticks for a rocking rhythm
Size: 40cm / Set of 2 sticks
Material: Solid ash wood
Two drum sticks pen for dual use
The idea is based on the Pen Beat, also known as the "Pen Tap" or "Desk/Table Drum", which uses a table to imitate the rhythm of a jazz drum by using two hands, two pens and different parts of the hand to strike.
Material: Pine
hush! Stickers
"Macao Fish x Cadenza Filtered and Noise Reduction Earbuds"
Can't stand the sound of a gig because it's too loud for your ears and your heart?
The Macao Fish x Cadenza Filtered and Noise Reduction Earbuds provide volume reduction without losing sound quality and the comfortable three-band earplugs will fit most ears so you can be at the front of the concert!
The skin-friendly material has been tested by ROSH in the European Union and FDA in the USA and is gentle and non-allergenic.