"Expanding a Band's Creativity" Workshop & Concert

Date: 13/11/2021
Time: 19:30 – 22:00
Venue: Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.2
Registration date: 5/11/2021, 10am onwards

Tutor: Aricalangi


EXPANDING A BAND'S CREATIVITY Workshop focuses on developing a band's groove, challenges ideas, and inspires creativity within a band. The 1st segment of the workshop "CONSTRUCTION: FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING" breaks down in detail the elements needed to get a song from its demo form to its’ ready-to-perform state. These will be presented as fundamental and basic methods. The band demonstrates each element needed by playing examples which are guided and narrated by ARI. At the end of the segment, the band performs the Full Song Arrangement, showcasing all elements and ideas put together. This segment showcases the mentalities of a producer/ arranger. The 2nd section of the workshop "REIMAGINATION: FROM SOMETHING TO SOMETHING ELSE" mainly focuses on the re-arrangement process for an already produced song (e.g Popular songs). This segment also further explores more complex grooves, ideas, and creativity in which it brings the listeners to different musical environments from which they are accustomed to.

When possible, Ari will refer to the local idiosyncrasies and to the peculiarity of Macau pop music market, mentioning it's advantages and reporting the major hurdles he's faced during his extensive career as music producer, composer, and arranger Ari will give a brief description of the creative process with his regular band ARICLAN, as well as the differences in the collaborations he had while producing songs with A-Lin, MATZKA, ChenChu Sheng , SU and many more.
All through the workshop, Ari will try to relate his talk with the theme of hush!2021, including emphasizing the richness of local culture and the inspiration he withdrew from our seaside city and open people with an outward-looking nature, always embracing cultures from around the world.

Workshop by : ARI (a.k.a Ari Calangi) is a singer/songwriter & producer born and raised in Macau. As a multi-instrumentalist, ARI incorporates a unique flare into his songs and arrangements. In 2016, ARI was signed under Beijing record label "Elevenz Music "This furthered the reach of his original works into the albums of artists such as A-Lin, Karen Mok,Han Dian  and many more.In 2017, after signing with Elevenz Music, ARI flew to Taipei, Taiwan where he spent several months working as songwriter, arranger and co-producer for Taiwanese artist, Matzka. 6 Songs were eventually chosen for the "Matzka Station" album in 2018.In that same year, ARI was introduced to SU and worked closely as an arranger on 5 songs for SU's 2018 album .