ACE CONCEPT STORE was established since January 10, 2017. It’s a local original sports brand in Macau. Regarding the service provided, we mainly provide self-designed products, jerseys, customised uniforms and several types of sports equipment like knee pads. In order to provide customers with high-quality sales service and purchasing experience, our store handles the complete chain of service, from marketing development, external coordination, design, to production, etc.
For this design, both black and white version are designed to build up classic and popular trendy style. In addition, the hyper atmosphere  during the musical festival is represented by the dynamic word design, elevating the excitement in the event.
With bold, eye-catching and stylish gradients on the front of the clothes, a ripple/audio-like texture is placed in the middle to welcome the annual Macau music event with the most youthful attitude, participating in the strongest prelude of the 2021 summer. 
This t-shirt is designed in a simple yet stylish tone. It consists of three vertical HUSH! logos and the middle one is embellished with fluorescent pink, for fans to welcome the annual Macau music industry event with the most youthful attitude, participating in the strongest prelude of this 2021 summer.
4. Music Never Dies! Tee
In front of this design, the popular slogan “MUSIC NEVER DIES” is printed, resembling the indestructible passion of our musicians! Furthermore, the HUSH! logo is enlarged and put vertically at our back, via printed by 3M laser material. Great attention could be achieved under sunshine, flashlights and stage lighting, benefiting musicians’ stage presence at most.
5. hush! Tote bag
To support environmental-protection, an eco-bag is a must-have item for hanging out. Being able to bring along with a stylish eco-bag with all essentials you need while enjoying and participating in the music festival is definitely a blessing  ! 
This design matches our style of this year's Logo Tee. And it is in black with pink, so as to make it easier for customers to keep it in a good condition, avoid getting dirty, compared to any other light colour design.
6. Wrist band
"BAND" has the meaning of "musical band", while also meaning "united", "gathering", and "a group of people". Therefore, in addition to the above meanings, the wrist-band is also easy to match in daily outfits.  The design also uses the audio frequency of the sound size as the main design, with musical elements matching the event.