After winning a song writing contest held by TDM for the Macau Grand Prix theme song in 2013, M7 had matured, both in music recording and production skills, as well as song composing processes. Since then, M7 had been capturing the attention of an ever growing audience based both locally and online. From their “underground/indie” grass roots, the band is now beginning to surface into the mainstream and is beginning to be recognized by key personnel and organizers of the Macau music scene. They remain pro active in a wide range of music events from underground gigs, large public performances and music productions in Macau and the Guangdong region. M7 stands for seven people, coming from different musical background. In the band’s song composing process, the two contrasting guitar styles, Nu-Metal sound, and classical guitar, both strive to achieve a suitable balance to achieve the unique musical style of M7. This signature guitar composition is backed by the energetic metal style drumming and bass guitar, while vocalist brings story and narrative to the piece with lyrics and melody.