Wu Tiao Ren

Wu Tiao Ren is one of the most popular folk bands in China in recent years. They are from Haifeng, Guangdong. The current members are Renke, Mao Tao, Miao Changjiang, and He Junni. Wu Tiao Ren has a diverse music composition with the theme inspired by grassroots' life. They used guitar, accordion and native language to express their experience. The three published albums: "County", "Some Other Scenery", "Canton Girl", received numerous awards. Wu Tiao Ren, as a cross-disciplinary band, has been widely recognized not only in the music field, but also in the field of contemporary art and literature. Wu Tiao Ren toured Taiwan in 2015, published their latest album "Dreamy Lisa Salon" in 2016 and toured in 2017.