Club Loneliness

Stella & Artists x TOTAL BRUTAL

12, 13/5 │ Friday, Saturday │ 19:45
Small Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre
Tickets: MOP 180

“Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.” – Orson Welles, genius American director

Joining hands once again with renowned choreographer Nir de Volff and bringing together dancers from both Berlin and Macao, local dance company Stella & Artists is presenting Club Loneliness. This dance performance revolves around the constant pursuit of love as human nature and humans’ realisation of the unfortunate truth that loneliness has become a most common malady nowadays. The tension in the themes of this production is revealed through the dancers’ intricate body movements.

Born and raised in Israel, choreographer Nir de Volff founded the dance company TOTAL BRUTAL in 2007 and is currently living in Berlin. He performed as a guest dancer in Pina Bausch’s Israel tour and has co-produced works with a number of artists including Falk Richter, a prominent playwright, former director-in-residence at the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz in Berlin, and the major creator of Trust, the closing programme in the 26th Macao Arts Festival.

Choreography: Nir de Volff
Creation and Performance: Leong Pou Seng, Iek Un, Su Zi Hao, Simone Camargo, Cordelia Lange and Renan Manhães
Lighting Design: Calvin Lam
Producer: Stella Ho

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, no interval
Performed in Cantonese and English, with Chinese and English surtitles and theatrical interpretation

Post-show talk on 12 May

Introductory Text

Love and loneliness are an everlasting theme in artists’ creations that are presented in a variety of forms. What interpretation of these themes can we expect from the collaboration between the Berlin-based choreographer Nir de Volff and Chinese dancers?

This production will be presented by six dancers from Germany and China, including two Macao dancers. After the last collaboration, this time Nir de Volff is bringing a group of superb dancers to Macao. During the one-hour programme, the audience will be able to comprehend the connotations of the work through body movements while also perceiving the physical changes of the performers, who have all developed a set of performing techniques based on training with the Breathing Bodies Movement (BBM) method.

What is BBM? It is a set of body movement techniques developed by Nir de Volff that encourages open mouthed thoracic breathing instead of abdominal breathing, thus guiding dancers to explore their own body as they attempt to activate body parts that are generally less active. Detail-oriented Nir de Volff also loves to ask dancers questions to stimulate their thinking and develop their ideas into dance routines. Both solo and group dances are featured in this production to show the feelings of different people about touch, impact and love.


By Wong Weng Si
Wong is a member of the audience, embroidery worker and former media practitioner. She took the “Modern Drama and Contemporary Theatre for Beginners” lecture series in 2018 and worked as a critic-in-residence for the “Reviews” website in 2019. She is currently engaged in art administration and curation.


This article is excerpted and translated from Chinese

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