On Substance of Time

Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company

5/5 │ Friday │ 20:00
Sands Theatre
Tickets: MOP 220, 120

“[Wellenkamp] saps the score’s every shrill crescendo, every furious churn in the music with legs that whiplash oxygen out of place and abandoned physically that challenges every sinew.”Dance Europe

As a homage to Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, one of the most important Portuguese poets of the 20th century, this triple-bill evening interweaves the moving images radiated from her poetry with the laws of internal gravitation of the dance steps. The three beautiful pieces – Around the Abeyance, Autumn for Graça and Requiem – create the moment in which the choreographic discourse assumes itself like a metaphor. Let us witness how the dancers and choreographers echo with Sophia’s poetry and immerse ourselves in the visible world of dance.

Founded by the multi-awarded chorographer Vasco Wellenkamp together with Graça Barroso in 1997, the Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company has earned an international reputation. The company also invites renowned choreographers from Portugal and around the world, creating a platform to build and develop a common artistic experience.

Artistic Direction: Cláudia Sampaio
Production and Scene Direction: Cláudia Alfaiate
Choreographers: Vasco Wellenkamp and Miguel Ramalho
Costume Design: Liliana Mendonça
Technical Direction: Ricardo Campos
Dancers: Beatriz Mira, Carlos Silva, Francisco Ferreira, Ísis Magro de Sá, Lucas Ribeiro, Maria Mira, Tiago Barreiros, Rita Baptista, Ricardo Henriques, Rita Carpinteiro and Sara Casal

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, including two intervals


Introductory Text

2019 marks the centenary of Sophia de Mello Bryner Andresen’s birth and the Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company has created the commissioned work On Substance of Time to pay tribute to this major Portuguese poet. Created by the well-known Portuguese choreographer Vasco Wellenkamp and the company’s resident choreographer Miguel Ramalho, this production leads the dancers to immerse themselves into the poetic world created by Sophia. On Substance of Time comprises three pieces: Around the Abeyance, a celebration of youth; Autumn for Graça, a duet that engages the audience with the intricacies of a romantic relationship; and Requiem, a moving yet tragic piece where the young men and women on stage seem to have returned to the situation before 25 April 1974, a glorious day for Portugal.


By Tomas Tse
Born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Saint Joseph, Tse has been engaged in writing and editorial work and has accumulated years of performing experience. He now heads the Theatre Aether, a dance company dedicated to Butoh.


This article is excerpted and translated from Chinese

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