The Three Robbers (2007, Germany)

Camões Garden

Director: Hayo Freitag
Duration: 75 minutes
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English

2008 Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy
2007 Chicago International Children's Film Festival Jury Award

Once upon a time, three vicious robbers lived in the forest, wearing high hats and black cloaks, revealing only a pair of white eyes. In the dead of the night they stopped passing carriages, robbing them of their treasure. They always got away with their misdeeds, and even the police could not catch them.

One day, Tiffany, just orphaned, is unwillingly on a carriage, on her way to the orphanage run by her wicked aunt. The robbers stop it but find nothing to rob. When they are about to leave empty-handed, Tiffany has an idea and tells robbers that she is actually an Indian princess on her way home, convincing them to escort her back for a big ransom. Then, the three bandits and the witty little girl start an unexpected journey together.

The film is adapted from the homonym work of Tomi Ungerer who just passed away in February. Ungerer is best known as an author and illustrator of children’s books who has won the Hans Christian Andersen Awards for Illustration. Let’s commemorate this master of picture book who has produced countless humorous yet subversive children’s books through this film!

*Audio description (Cantonese), accessible captions and sign language interpretation are provided. Should you request these services, please contact one of the staff members on screening venue.

Categories: Group B (Not suitable for audiences under 13 years of age)


Guest Speaker: Honkaz Fung

Hong Kong multimedia artist. Fung starts his career as a comics artist, but later he switched to production of commercials and film and served as director, visual effects supervisor, animation supervisor, and art director. He is currently a board member of Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong), founding member of Cantonese Cinema Study Association of Hong Kong, and guest lecturer of the School of Film and Television, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

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