1 Day ! Home Sweet Home

20, 22/5
Sunday, Tuesday
Old Court Building and other secret locations

Number of Participants per session: 15
Participants are advised to wear light clothing as they have to walk around the city on foot.


Follow the footsteps of local urban planner Lam Iek Chit for a fun-packed trip to understand more about the land resources of Macao! Commencing the trip with the cardboard community Home Sweet Home, it will lead audiences to have a clear grasp of our living environment step by step and ponder over the relationships of land, self, home and community. Audiences can reflect on Macao’s urban planning so that everyone can build their own dream home.

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Tour guide

Lam Iek Chit

Born in Macao in 1981, Lam is an urban planner. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Land Economics, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. He is a member of the Macao Urban Planning Council (2014-2020) and the President of the Root Planning Cooperative. In recent years, Lam has engaged himself in urban planning studies, community engagement projects, cultural heritage promotion and cultural map publication.

In 2011, he planned the "Aesthetics in Old Districts – Deconstructing the Markets: FOTOMO Workshop". In 2012, he was a guide of the "Tour along the Coastline". He was the chief editor of The Modern Trace – The Art Map of Modern Architecture in Macau in 2014. In 2015-2016, he was invited by the Macao Public Library to hold talks for "Can’t Survive without Water" and "Looking for Traces of Villages in Macao". In 2017, he edited Garden of Heaven The Map of Old Protestant Cemetery (Macao). In 2015-2017, he was the instructor of the Cultural Lectures, organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, for the topics of "Macao’s Fortresses" and "Early Villages in Macao".