Macau Experimental Theatre

5, 6/5|Saturday, Sunday|20:00
6/5|Sunday|15:00 (Additional Performance)
MOP 180|Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)

The migration and settlement of Indonesian migrant workers; the love and woe of two generations of families

Overseas workers have taken laborous trips before arriving in Macao to work, learn a new culture and a new language, as well as constantly travel to and fro between their hometown and Macao, the place offering an abundance of resources for them to satisfy the needs of their parents and kids.  

With the transnational experiences of migrant workers as a starting point, this performance, produced by Macau Experimental Theatre, is based on true stories and integrated with documentary videos, live physical dance, monologues, poems and traditional instrumental music in a micro-ethnographic approach. Carrying out field researches in Indonesia and Macao, the theatre group attempts to have a clear grasp of why and how the Indonesian migrant workers undertake this journey of migration and re-migration year after year, and even generation after generation, as well as explore the subtle changes on their relationships with parents and kids in Indonesia. Audienes can have a deeper understanding about the globalisation of labour migration through the daily lives and dialgoues of the three generations in this performance.

Established in 2008, Macau Experimental Theatre strives to explore the new aesthetics of local experimental theatre, and has joined many local and overseas arts festivals, including the Macao Arts Festival, ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival, the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Canada’s Summerworks Performance Festival, and Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama.


Direction and Text: Wong Weng Chi
Dramaturge: Lam Teng Teng
Video Design: Lam Kin Kuan
Choreography: Jacqueline Vong
Field Research Advisors: Lenny Febe Susilowati (Indonesia) and George Young (Indonesia)
Performers: Amalal Chusna, Anny Lee, Dyla Jadi Jadi Sukses, Gina Aweed, Ida M. Kasim, Indah Ponco Setiawati, Mira Hoky, Qiw Dewi Fortuena, Ratna Khaleesy, Satria Pratama, Zahrah AD (All from Indonesia) and Sou Sok Weng


Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval
Performed in Cantonese, English and Indonesian, with surtitles in Chinese and English


Post-show Talk on 5 May

Introductory Text

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