‘2017 Macao International Parade’ – Call for submission of proposals of local arts groups

Date of publication: 19/10/2017
Type: Macao International Parade

The ‘Parade through Macao, Latin City’, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym), was officially renamed as ‘Macao International Parade’ starting from this edition, providing local arts groups a performance platform to express their creativity while encouraging participants to showcase their creative talent so as to increase competitiveness. It aims to promote the diversified development of Macao’s cultural industries and create opportunities for local artists to observe and conduct exchange activities with international performing groups. In order to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China, this year the ‘Macao International Parade’ will be held on Sunday, 17 December. IC invites all local associations registered in the Identification Service Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region, schools, institutes and organizations to submit performance proposals .

Themed with the features of local districts and historic monuments, the Parade encourages artists to display their creativity and patriotic love to this place we live. The artistic groups can select various categories, including “Themed Parade Group” which allows all themed groups to enter the contest automatically and be eligible for competing the awards, “Artistic Parade Group” which allows participants to work on their own artistic characteristics and compete for the awards, “Art Promotion Parade Group” for participants to join the mini parades on 9 or 10 December to promote arts and the Parade to the community, and “Assigned Art Ambassador” which allows participating groups to assign artists to work with schools or community, helping them to develop ideas, produce props and rehearse for the Parade.

Interested local art groups should submit programme proposal and all related information to the counter at the lobby of the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building located at Tap Siac Square, from  Todayto 3 November, during office hour (including at lunch hour), indicating the following on the envelope: “2017 Macao International Parade – Submission of Proposal by Local Arts Group”. For enquiries, please contact IC through tel. no. (853) 8394 3707 or 8399 6699 during office hours.

Call for Proposals by Local Parade Groups:“Celebration of the 18th Anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China -2017 Macao International Parade”