Cultural Affairs Bureau and Air Macau jointly promote Macao’s films and arts
Local films Sisterhood and Interpretation of Images to be broadcast on Air Macau’s in-flight entertainment platform

Date of publication: 29/04/2021
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau is cooperating with Air Macau to promote the development of Macao’s cultural industries. During the months of May and June, Macao’s film Sisterhood will be broadcast on Air Macau’s aircrafts cabin displays. This will be the first Macao’s film selected by Air Macau to be screened on the Air Macau flights. Meanwhile, the documentary Interpretation of Images, produced by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will also be available in the programme “Macao’s Culture” through the platform “Air Macau In-flight Wi-Fi Entertainment” starting from May. Passengers can enjoy the films during their flights and experience Macao’s culture.

The film Sisterhood, directed by Choi Ian Sin, is one of the subsidized productions selected by the Cultural Affairs Bureau in the “2013 Support Programme for the Production of Feature Films”. It won the Macao Audience Choice Award at the 1st International Film Festival & Awards ·Macao, the Most Promising Talent Award at the 12th Osaka Asian Film Festival. The actresses of this movie were nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards. The documentary Interpretation of Images, directed by Lao Keng U, premiered at Cinematheque·Passion in February this year, presents the evolution of Macao’s cinema over the past century, and . A number of public screenings of the documentary were also held, and the documentary was well received by the public.

The new programme “Macao’s Culture” is available on the platform “Air Macau In-flight Wi-Fi Entertainment” since February this year, featuring a total of 11 musical pieces performed by the Macao Orchestra and the Macao Chinese Orchestra. Passengers can connect to the platform through electronic devices, and enjoy the audio-visual experience.

In the future, the Cultural Affairs Bureau will continue to promote Macao’s cultural products through multifaceted co-operation, allowing the works of Macao’s cultural and creative practitioners to be disseminated in more platforms.