Online magazine of cultural and creative industries C2 launches its 1st issue

Date of publication: 09/01/2015
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Published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and produced by the Companhia do Desenvolvimento Cultural e Criativo 100 Plus Limitada., the first local online magazine about cultural and creative industries C2 will be launched on 10 January 2015. C2 will cover the latest moves of local and global cultural and creative industries, illustrate the challenges and opportunities Macao is facing, aiming at boosting the development of local and regional cultural and creative industries.

The year 2015 has kick-started with the 1st issue of C2 in pace with robust global growth of the cultural and creative industries. Some countries even considered these industries as part of their economic growth. The wordC2is a combination of “Culture” and “Creativity”, a platform for the exchange of cultural and creative information. This trilingual magazine (in Chinese, Portuguese and English) will be published online on the first Monday of each month, including articles, videos and PDF files. The Public can also access the magazine through social media, such as Facebook and WeChat.

This electronic magazine crosses the geographical boundaries to keep readers up-to-date with Macao’s cultural and creative moves. Each issue of C2 contains regular features and columns: the highlight of the inaugural feature is “City under the Lens”, in which veteran and new generation of local filmmakers tell us about the Macao film development and their experiences. “Chit Chat” invites Macao’s renowned designers Chao Sio Leong and Hong Chong Ip to share their experience on how to convert creative ideas into business opportunities. “Extravaganza” and “Around the Globe” will explore inspirational activities or topics about Macao and the rest of the world. In this issue, Taiwan’s Close to YOU International Puppet Festival and inspirations from Harry Potter film given to the creative and cultural industries of the UK and the rest of the world, will be presented. “Infographics” reviews Macao’s box office figures in 2013. Several local and overseas columnists will write in the“Blog” each month. The columnists of the inaugural issue are: Agnes Lam, Mok Sio Chong, Lin Yi-Chun, Wong Cheng Pou, Joe Lei, Tyr and Ling Lui.

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