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Roaming Vision + Digital - Ink Paintings by Leung Kui Ting

Mr Leung Kui Ting ink painting is not only about the representation of realistic mountains and waters. Instead, his paintings are detached from their original forms, and originate from a combination of heart and mind, integrating within oneself perceptions of the heavens and the earth, to eventually attain a state in which the spirit is united with reality, forgetting the self altogether. He called this phenomenon ‘roaming vision’. It is a kind of ‘enlightened resonance’ in his works, which references Zhuangzi’s philosophy of journeying in the spiritual realm, where freedom is found through a joyful journey that transcends the boundaries of time. He utilises a multitude of digitised virtual dots and lines. While seemingly intuitive, these patterns represent the shapes of mountains, the forces of water, if not the spirit of natural architecture. They are in the same vein as nature. Through his brushstrokes, each mountain and stone transcends its own state of materiality. They became reconstructed landscapes, packed with meaning. The traditional textures of mountains and stones are intertwined with digitised dots and lines, creating whole new visual symbols through superimposition. These symbols are imported into his ‘digital genes’, to create new landscapes. With a creation process combining ‘journey’ and ‘digital’ elements, Mr. Leung Kui Ting transforms traditional ink painting into contemporary landscape painting, infused with his own context of ink that pursues the imagery of the spiritual realm.