New Releases

Fang Lijun - The Light of Dust

Fang Lijun is an emblematic figure of China’s Post-1989 New Art Movement. This exhibition catalogue features images of all the artworks in Fang Lijun: The Light of Dust shown at the Macao Museum of Art, accompanied by research information on each exhibit and several articles on Fang’s oeuvre. Based on the theme ‘Human & Figures’, which examines Fang’s signature, fresh perspectives – particularly his new experiments with different media in the last ten years, the catalogue charts the artist’s portfolio spanning four decades in four main sections: ‘Passage: The Process of Growing Up’, ‘Introspection: Self-Portraits’, ‘Mutual Reflections: Friends’, and ‘The Light of Dust: Human’. The exhibition displays 190 artworks.

Flu ; ID Artworks by Lo Hio Ieng - Grand Prize Winner Artist of Jury Award in Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists

In 2020, Lo Hio Ieng’s animation artwork “Animus” was selected as the Grand Prize of Jury Award and Outstanding Artworks Award in the “Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts” out of more than 300 pieces (sets) of submission artworks. The Cultural Affairs Bureau put up this solo exhibition of Lo Hio Ieng’s artworks to allow the audience to take in more of the magnificent artworks produced by the award-winning artists while also encouraging and inspiring them to continue their creative journeys. The exhibition features the artist’s award-winning creations as well as four new pieces from 2018 to the present, including animations, motion pictures, and graphic works, as well as an immersive experience room the artist had designed for the exhibition.

Auspicious Beginning - Spring Festival Traditions in the Forbidden City

Spring Festival is the most important and grandest traditional festival in China, embodying the Chinese people’s yearning for a better life. The exhibition Auspicious Beginning: Spring Festival Traditions in the Forbidden City features cultural relics related to Spring Festival culture in the Qing court from the Palace Museum’s collection. This is the exhibition catalogue that includes images of nearly all the 120 pieces/sets of exhibits, supplemented by research materials and papers. The catalogue has four sections: ‘Auspicious Invocation’, ‘Filial Sacrifice and Imperial Kinship’, ‘Family, Country and the World’, and ‘Winter Recreation’.

The Blessed Land - Belief and Customs of Tou Tei in Macao

Macao is a distinctive city where the East meets the West and where multiple cultures coexist, thus giving vigour to the dissemination of the profound Chinese culture. Among the many items of long-standing and profound folk cultural heritage, the belief and customs of Tou Tei (土地 Tudi/ Earth God) undoubtedly demonstrate the beauty of the Chinese people’s respect for nature and the harmony of the community. A wide variety of Tou Tei altars scattered in the city and the small altars served in households both show the vibrancy of the traditional Chinese culture that has taken root and flourished in Macao and the universality of the Tou Tei belief and customs in the city.