Taipa Houses 100th Anniversary Activities

These five houses, built in 1921, once served as the residences of senior civil servants, also namely Macanese families; in 1992, they were acknowledged as a building complex of architectural value. In 1999, the government decided to revamp the houses completely as a museum site. In 2016, they were transformed into the ‘Macanese Living Museum’, ‘Exhibitions Gallery’, ‘Creative Casa’, ‘Nostalgic House’ and ‘House for Receptions’ from west to east. The Taipa Houses became a showcase of not only the culture of the Portuguese-speaking countries but of culture from all over the world.

"Taipa Houses 100th Anniversary Activities" - Paper Cut Light Box DIY Workshop

Every Saturday and Sunday of November

Exhibitions Gallery of the Taipa Houses

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Taipa Houses, the Cultural Affairs Bureau will hold a number of Paper Cut Light Box DIY Workshops. Under the guidance of the instructors, participants carve the image of the Taipa Houses on paper and assemble them into night lamps. With the overlapping effect of light and shadow on multiple papers, the night lamps present the distinctive features of the Taipa Houses.

Number of participants: 12 people per session (participants over the age of 16)
Admission fee: free
Registration: www.icm.gov.mo/eform/event
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"Taipa Houses 100th Anniversary Activities" - Guided Tours at Taipa Houses

Every Saturday and Sunday of November

Taipa Houses - Macanese Living Museum

To celebrate the Taipa Houses 100th Anniversary, the Cultural Affairs Bureau hosts many guided tours to introduce the historical stories of the Taipa Houses and its surrounding communities.

Maximum number of participants: 10
Admission fee: free
Registration: www.icm.gov.mo/eform/event