China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival

2021/11/12 – 26

Galaxy Cinemas ( Opening Film )
Cinematheque ∙ Passion  ( For other films)

Under the theme of “The Gourmet of Cinema”, China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival will be held in Macao as scheduled in November 2021, continuing the cultural exchanges between China and Portuguese speaking countries. The Film Festival is divided into three sections, namely “Contemporary China & Portuguese speaking films”, “Macao shorts about food & life”, and “Flavors of China & Portuguese-speaking Countries”, bringing together 30 films from China, including Macao, and various Portuguese-speaking countries and regions. There is always one that suits your taste. The film festival is complemented with activities such as post-screening talks and film talks. With films as its medium and fine food as its attraction, the Film Festival provides a cultural exchange platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries through the silver screen as well as the dining table and guides residents and tourists to explore Macao, allowing them to enjoy a feast of films and savour their lives.

“Contemporary China & Portuguese-speaking films” section shows excellent productions from China and Portuguese-speaking countries in recent years.

“Macao shorts about food & life” featuring short films from Macao, allowing audiences to enjoy gastronomic stories created and produced by local film directors, showing the calling card of “Macao, Creative City of Gastronomy”.

The “Flavors of China & Portuguese-speaking Countries” section presents selected films about cuisine in Chinese and Portuguese, through combining the visual and auditory impacts of films with the taste and smell of food and drinks, creating a feast of films that brings together all the flavours from sweet, sour, bitter to spicy.

Ticket office
Travessa da Paixão n.º 13, Macau
Online ticketing
(853) 2852 2585

Details of the screenings and outreach activities of the Film Festiva. Please visit the thematic website of the Film Festival at Booklet

"China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival"  Opening Film - This Is Not What I Expected


19:30 - 21:18
Galaxy Cinemas

Derek HUI / China, Hong Kong / 2017 / 106min

Screening at Galaxy Cinemas

Callous and eccentric Lu Jin, President of an international hotel group, is every bit the man one loves to hate. Gu Shengnan, sous chef of Rosebud Hotel, is no more a social darling than him – confused, careless and unkempt, she is hardly what most men consider an object of desire. 

Lu Jin checks into a hotel to conduct acquisition research. He is dissatisfied with everything he sees, but a last-minute dish whipped by Gu Shengnan blows his mind. He starts ordering dishes from her and she starts cooking for him. The two don’t meet in person but they share a mutual appreciation for each other. Yet in reality, they’re arch-rivals whose every encounter is a catastrophe, until their identities are revealed by accident… In the tug-of-war between contempt and fondness, which side will win?


"China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival"  Closing Film - Estomago: A Gastronomic Story


19:30 - 21:23

Marcos JORGE / Brazil, Italy / 2007 / 112min

The world is made of those who eat and those who get eaten. Raimundo Nonato finds an alternative way: he cooks. He cooks first in a bar, then in an Italian Restaurant and then in prison - how did he end up in jail? He cooks and learns how to get by in a society divided between those who eat and those who get eaten. What he learns, are a series of rules he uses to his advantage: in the end, the cook must also get his share of food. Estômago is an adult fable on power, sex and cooking.


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