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The Macao Chinese Orchestra



The Macao Chinese Orchestra is a professional orchestra under the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government. Established in 1987, the Orchestra has always adhered to its principles, namely “rooted in Macao, engaging globally, inheriting the legacy of China and the West and spreading culture”. In addition, the Orchestra not only has been presenting the Chinese music that meets the spirit of times but also serving Macao residents and promoting the essence of Macao abroad.

The Macau Chinese Orchestra has made great efforts to promote music art education and culture and demonstrate its concern for society by going deep into the community and schools. It has been actively participating in the Macao International Music Festival, Macao Arts Festival and Celebration of the Anniversary of Macao's Handover to China. It has also been strengthening the nurture of small and medium-sized arts groups and young musicians with an aim to promote local Chinese music development and trying to put music performances into stage of World Heritage Sites, parks etc to enrich residents’ lives and activate the artistic genes in communities.

The Macau Chinese Orchestra had toured all over many countries and cities, such as Portugal, Belgium, India, Goa, Singapore, the Kingdom of Bahrain and other countries, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Wuhan, Xian, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Guangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian, Zhongshan, and other cities. Through the integration of Chinese-Western elements and contemporary Chinese music art, the Orchestra aims to enhance exchanges and cooperation, and promote the cultural image of the integration of Macao and the West, what has been widely praised.

Conductors who have joined hands with the Orchestra include Wong Kin Wai, Pang Ka Pang, Wang Zhengping, He Zhanhao, Gu Limin, Gu Guanren, Wang Fujian, Huang Xiaofei, Wang Yongji, Hu Bingxu, Yan Huichang, Kuan Nai Chung, Piao Dongsheng, Bian Zushan, Liu Wenjin, Chen Xieyang, Zhang Lie, Chen Ning Chi, Hong Xia, Liu Sha and Tsung Yi, etc.

The Orchestra has co-operated with numerous musicians and vocalists, including Shi Sucheng, Min Huifen, Liu Dehai, Rão Kyao, Jiang Kemei, Song Fei, Dai Ya, Chen Zuohui, Tang Junqiao, Zhao Jiazhen, Guo Fengnu, Frances Yip, Yu Hongmei, Paula Tsui, Yu Kuizhi, Adam Cheng, Jenny Tseng, Li Chuanyun, Yin Chengzong, Carlos do Carmo, George Lam, Wu Yuxia, Zhao Cong and Yang Xuefei, among others.

The Macao Chinese Orchestra perform periodically not only traditional folk music but also original Chinese music works with combination of Chinese and Western characters. it emphasizes on performing local commissioned works that feature elements of Macao’s culture that include Kuan Nai Chuang’s Macao Love Stories, Zhao Jiping’s Macao Impressions, Tang Jianping’s Macau Suite, Wang Danhong’s Macau Capriccio, etc. Some of these music works even have been recorded and published, and they became representative works showing Macao’s unique cultural atmosphere.


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