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Message from Conductor


Resident Conductor Sun Peng


Thirty years have passed quickly and silently.


Throughout the long course of history, thirty years are not worth mentioning; to an orchestra, thirty years are enough for us to witness it grow up into to an adult and stood firm.To mark the orchestra’s 30th anniversary, aside from promoting the orchestra outside of Macao, most importantly, we will more actively serve Macao. We have prepared for the audience a series of new programmes including Classics Series, Works of the Thirteenth Year, Musical Festivities, Music of the World Heritage, Garden Songs, Music Inheritance, the Joy of Music, and Music through Art Expo. These concerts are a feast for the senses, bringing the audience the diversity of Chinese music.

We are grateful for all of those who have supported us for the last thirty years. We are thankful to every expert, musician and the audience for helping us grow in these thirty years. We will continue to blossom for you, our dearest audiences!


Sun Peng


Sun Peng is a young conductor and holds a Master degree in Chinese music conducting. He was the winner and the recipient of the Best Interpretation of a Workon The First Hong Kong International Conducting Competition for Chinese Music. Sun was once the Music Director and the Principal Conductor of the Shanxi Song and Dance Troupe, Guest Assistant Conductor of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Guest Conductor of the Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Jilin Symphony Orchestra, Jilin Province National Orchestra, and the Heilongjiang National Music Orchestra, he was once the Visiting Professor of the Jilin College of the Arts. Sun is now the Resident Conductor of the Macao Chinese Orchestra and the Principal Conductor of the Shenyang Conservatory of Music.

Sun’s conducting style is grand yet delicate and thought-provoking, a perfect mixture of sensibility and rationality, a combination of musical energy and passion, and a representation of personal style and depth. Sun is a definitely charismatic young conductor.


An old song represents a sentimental memory. The Macao Chinese Orchestra invites the public to participate in the concert “The Best Oldies of Hong Kong and Taiwan”. Let your heartbeat slow down with the nostalgic songs presented by the Orchestra under guest conductor Chen Ru-Chi from Taiwan.


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