About the Parades

VIVA’s Adventures through Shan Hai

The Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing) is a popular Chinese ancient classic that records the geography of ancient times, the deities and beasts and bizarre myths. It covers history, animals, plants, minerals, medicine, religion and folklore, among others, and is known as China’s oldest “encyclopaedia”.

VIVA travels through time and arrives at the world of Shan Hai Jing, where a wonderful adventure is about to start.

In the world of Shan Hai Jing, of the vegetation is lavish and the rivers are rich in mineral resources. VIVA travels through extraordinary mountains and rivers, where he meets bizarre beasts who travel with him and tell him amusing stories along the way. The flying fish crosses the sky and the mythological deities appear and lead everyone to a mysterious area to participate in a “love, peace, and cultural integration” party.

Let’s follow VIVA and unveil the upcoming surprises!

Parade Route

In order to ensure public safety during the Parade, please refrain from operating unmanned aerial devices.

Parade Departure 16:00

Ruins of St. Paul’s: The time gate is open and VIVA is going to travel through time and visit the wonderful country of Shan Hai.
Senado Square: All parties interested in this itinerary must catch up with VIVA pace and set off on this journey.

Adventures through Shan Hai

Rua de S. Paulo – Rua de Sanches de Miranda: The encounter with strange beasts makes the mythological deities appear one after the other. What adventures are approaching?

Handover Celebration 17:30

Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro – Tap Siac Square: VIVA made a lot of friends in the land of Shan Hai. VIVA invites all his friends to travel through time, and take part in the “love, peace, and cultural integration” party to experience the joy of prosperity.

Shan Hai Friends

In his adventure, VIVA comes across numerous interesting friends – who are they really?
This year, the creative characters on the Parade route were designed by local illustrator Un Chi Wai.

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