VIVA comes across a treasure map, and in order to decrypt the map he recruits the best and most brave citizens of Macao and abroad to go through three secret areas gathering love, peace and cultural integration, embarking together on the “Fantastic VIVA Treasure Hunt Adventure”.

An annual celebration for the entire city – VIVA!

Love, Peace and Cultural Integration

Parade Route

Parade Route
Service Centre
Face Painting
Check point

Parade Illustrators

Eric Fok Hoi Seng

Born in Macao, Eric usually uses a fine
tip pen to draw old European maps,
adding contemporary elements to them.

In the past, people believed that an earthly Paradise
was hidden on the other side of the ocean.

Un Chi Wai

Holding an Advertising degree by the Taiwan
Chinese Culture University, Un Chi Wai devotes himself
to illustration and graphic design works.

Starting from the Travessa da Paixão, spread love all the way to St. Anthony’s Church.

Lam Ieong Kun

Design and illustration aficionado.

Revellers and VIVA embark on a fantastic adventure!

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