João Gomes e Banda

João Gomes, Macau resident since 1989 and during all this time has been participating in various different music projects. João has launched a few CDs with positive acceptance from the public: “Travelling man”, “João Gomes e Grupo de ligação”, “A Outra banda” &“6 temas 6”. One of the albums even demonstrates fusion of traditional Chinese music with western. He also participated in other music functions involving other Macau musicians: “João Gomes, Cheong Ka Hou and Fi Chan”, joint show in Phuket island of Thailand (Phuket Cultural Street Revitalization 2005). “João Gomes and Vong Chiloc” a project in which Vong Chiloc plays cithara (Indian Instrument) and was a music fusion of western and eastern music influences (concert in Taipa, 2011).