Consular corps accredited in Hong Kong and Macao attend 32nd Macao International Music Festival


On the occasion of the 32nd Macao International Music Festival (MIMF), the Macao S.A.R. Government invited members of the consular corps accredited in Hong Kong and Macao to participate in a visit organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, on 6 October, to an art exhibition, also giving the delegation the opportunity to attend a 32nd MIMF concert.

The delegation, accompanied by the President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mok Ian Ian, among others, visited the exhibition “Beyond the Scenery: Exhibition Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Passing of Wu Li” at the Macao Museum of Art. Wu Li was a renowned painter of the early Qing dynasty. During the reign of emperor Kangxi, Wu Li came to Macao with Philippus Couple, a Belgian Jesuit, where he recorded episodes of his life in his paintings and poetry collection entitled San Ba Ji (Poems from St. Paul’s). The exhibition features a total of 84 pieces (sets) of calligraphy and painting by Wu Li, created at different times, as well as by some of his mentors and friends. This is the first large-scale solo exhibition of Wu Li and nearly half of the exhibits are presented to the public for the first time, showcasing his artistic style in a more comprehensive way. On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the death of Wu Li, this visit aimed at allowing the consular corps delegation to appreciate a collection of some of the best paintings of the Qing Dynasty and to experience the splendour and charm of Chinese culture.

In the evening, the delegation headed to the Macao Cultural Centre for the concert Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 8, integrated in the 32nd Macao International Music Festival. The Macao Orchestra joined hands with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra to present Anton Bruckner's magnum opus – Symphony No. 8 in C Minor. It is the longest symphony Bruckner ever wrote, a work that deeply touches humans' feelings and inspirations. The work is filled with lofty beliefs, religious zeal and deep philosophical reflections. The concert won the warm applause of the public, and the cultural visit of the consular corps ended in a pleasant atmosphere.