Nostalgic Lane

Macao Chinese Orchestra

Renowned conductor Liu Sha, together with Guo Yazhi, a legend in the suona circle of China hailed as the "best ever suona player" who is returning to Macao after quite a few years, will present Nostalgic Lane, taking audience on a music journey to appreciate suona and Chinese music from a whole new perspective.

The concert will also feature the world premiere of Ge Liang Liang, a Chinese orchestra suite depicting the charms of Shanxi by famous composer Wang Danhong, will offer music aficionados a different impression of Shanxi.


Duration: approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, including one interval


Zhao Jiping: Nostalgia
Du Zhiming, Guo Yazhi and Zhang Yibing: Suona Concerto All About Hometown (Macao premiere)
Guo Yazhi / Arr. Utar Artun: Guo Yazhi and World Music (Macao premiere)
Wang Danhong: Banhu Concerto Impromptu (Macao premiere)
Wang Danhong: Suite Ge Liang Liang (World premiere)


Conductor: Liu Sha
Macao Chinese Orchestra

Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium

MOP 200, 150, 100

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