Portugal Meets Spain

Sangre Ibérico

What sparks will fly when rumba flamenca meets fado? Fado, with its melancholic and touching tunes, is the most important music genre of Portugal, while rumba flamenca of Spain is marked by passionate rhythms. Portuguese ensemble Sangre Ibérico has created a unique fusion, winning great acclaim with their distinctive style in the talent competitions Got Talent Portugal and Got Talent Spain, successfully presenting to the world the combined charms of Portuguese and Spanish music.

The three young musicians have been on a non-stop creative journey. The album they released this year, which combines pop music with rumba flamenca and fado, has earned favourable online reviews. In their appealing live performances combining mellow yet lively vocals, and a fluid and bright guitar sound, Sangre Ibérico truly connects with the audience who cannot help but dance to the infectious rhythms, and indulge in the feverish and soul-stirring Latin music.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, no interval

Programme Highlights
Entre dos Aguas
Não Venhas
Aire Puro
O Meu Primeiro Amor

(Subject to change)

André Amaro, Vocal and Acoustic Guitar
Paulo Maia, Flamenco Guitar
Alexandre Pereira, Vocal, Percussion and Cajon Flamenco

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