The Origin of Jazz and Latin America in Focus

Date: 2018.10.6 (Saturday)
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Venue: Fundação Rui Cunha
Speaker: Mars Lei
Language: Cantonese

Jazz was born in the United States and is the result of a century of collision and integration between European music and African rhythms in the New World: Its musical styles, which have developed from ragtime and second line band into swing and bebop, as well as the unignorable blues, still remain the core of jazz. Among all, Central and South America, the Caribbean in particular, which includes Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago as well as Venezuela, have exerted critical influence over jazz. This year, the Music Festival has invited international jazz master Monty Alexander from Jamaica, who has worked with many legendary musicians and personally participated in the development of jazz during his music career of over five decades. This talk will allow audience to learn about and experience the diversity of jazz, and to explore the rich cultural context behind.

20180711124345_1_ 講座 - 03 - 爵士monty alexander_李兆康
Speaker: Mars Lei

Mars is the Chief Executive of Macao Jazz Promotion Association (MJPA), the founder of "Macao Jazz Week" and the conductor of Macao Conservatory Jazz Big Band. He is also active in Macao and neighboring regions as a jazz guitarist and composer and arranger. He formed with MJPA a 12-member jazz band to join the "Ain't that Swing in Mount Fortress" concert in the 26th Macao International Music Festival (MIMF), premiering three original themes.  Mars has also been a music director for Macao's many musicals, plays and performances. Under his direction, MJPA has hosted the series of "Early Summer Jazz Concert", "Zé Eduardo Workshop" and "Meet the Masters" workshops as well as co-hosted MIMF's "Jazz It Up" workshop.


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