True Love Doesn't Come Easily - About Il Signor Bruschino

Date: 2018.9.8 (Saturday)
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Venue: Fundação Rui Cunha
Speaker: Chow Fan Fu
Language: Cantonese

Il Signor Bruschino, the best of G. A. Rossini's (1792-1868) series of five one-act farces, tells a story about "the son won in a game" as it is subtitled. Showing that more than two centuries ago true love already didn't come easily, the comic opera develops its plot like modern musicals, with most enjoyable music, right from the prelude.

When Il Signor Bruschino premiered on January 27, 1813 at Teatro San Moisè in Venice, when Rossini was only 21 years old, making the young composer famous. Is it especially meaningful, on the 150th anniversary of Rossini' s passing, to appreciate such a comic opera combining elegance, piquant wit and lyric sense? This lecture will discuss the features of the opera and how it influenced Rossini's career.

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Speaker: Chow Fan Fu

Chow Fan Fu is a renowned music critic and the vice chairman of the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong), as well as an examiner of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In 2011, Chow was awarded the Medal of Honour by the Hong Kong S.A.R. Government for his long-time contribution to classical music and arts appreciation. In 2005, Chow was awarded in the Secretary for Home Affairs Commendation Scheme. For his contribution to music in Hong Kong, Chow received a special award in 2017, during the 40th anniversary of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd. (CASH). In 2014, the Beijing Normal University Publishing House published his book of music essays, Listening to Music from Thousands of Miles Away – Musical Experiences from City to Country. In 2012, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department commissioned Chow to write the book Where Modern Hong Kong Began: The City Hall and Its 50-Year Story.

Since 1982, Chow has hosted several classical music and cultural programmes on RTHK Radio 4 for more than three decades. He is often invited by academies and universities to give thematic talks on music and culture and since 2007, his music talks supported by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong enjoy popularity among audience.



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