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When movie met music

Whether or not you are an movie original soundtrack enthusiast, you probably notice you are listening to movies while watching them at the same time. Join this seminar and learn more about the story behind movie music - its concept and creation process, and share your favorite movie music with others. So let's get together to enjoy the movie music tonight!

Date: 2017.9.29 (Friday)
Time: 20:00-22:00
Location: Macau Art Garden
Language: Cantonese


Law Tsin Fung Angela

Angela specializes in film music, and is one of the few researchers in the Sinophone World. Her relevant works include Image Pictures X Music, Diegetic Music/Sound , Non-diegetic Music/ Sound and The Sketch of Impermanence: Remembering Kieslowski. She received the Fellowship of the Asian Cultural Council (Lee Hysan Foundation) in 2010, which supported her studies in New York for six months. In 2011, she received the Award for Best Artist (Arts Criticism) from the Hong Kong Art Development Council in 2011.