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The vanished promise to digital music and the practice of creating one’s own music

Digital streaming has once promised diversity, but now that promise has nearly vanished. In the wake of globalization, music has become increasingly instantaneous and standardized. With the rapid growth of digital streaming, technology industries now possess the unprecedented right to speak, often conversing in jargon such as platform, industry and financing, but nothing is mentioned about the musicians and their music. At the same time, artists link up and create a world through these types of platforms or other channels. This phenomenon has gone beyond a subculture.

Date: 2017.10.6 (Friday)
Time: 20:00-22:00
Venue: Macau Art Garden
Language: Mandarin


Chill Out Tree

Chill Out Tree has been a member of jury at the Golden Melody Awards and Golden Indie Music Awards for many years. He was the director of Planting Music in Xue Xue Institute, music critic for KKBOX and columnist for magazines La Vie and Cheers. Currently, he is the music critic for The Big Issue, the director of StreetVoice, the host of Blow Media, the project manager of The Next Big Thing.