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Classical Music With Innovative Ideas - Ka-Jeng Wong 's Music Promotion Experiment

If you have seen the documentary KJ: Music And Life, you must be deeply impressed with the protagonist Ka-Jeng Wong's personality. Eight years has passed and that arrogant young man is no longer frivolous. After finished his study in the United States, he established Music Lab and Music Lab Festival, trying to create a new path, let people know local musicians, and  break public’s stereotype of classical music. So what does he think of the classical music promotion as a musician and organizer of the Music Lab Festival?

Date: 2017.10.13  (Friday)
Time: 20:00-22:00
Venue: Macau Art Garden
Language: Cantonese


KJ Wong

Once documented in the film KJ: Music and Life, KJ is now a pianist, a music teacher, an artistic director, an art critic, a columnist and a person.

Studied the piano with Nancy Loo, Gabriel Kwok and Emile Naoumoff, he also learned the violin with Yang BaoZhi, Michael Ma and Ho HungYing. Graduated from Indiana University, he primarily focuses on practicing, teaching and performing. After two years of various experiments, KJ now leads the Music Lab Festival, turning a new chapter for himself and local musicians.