Loess Ballads

Northwestern China Ethnic Folk Music Concert

Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium

MOP 200, 150

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Artistic Director: Jin Jiguang
Conductor: Cao Wengong
A Bao and Wang Erni, Vocals 
Beijing Dance Drama and Opera Chinese Orchestra

Programme highlights (subject to change)
Northern Shaanxi Folk Songs: Herding Livestock/ Sanshili Pu / Mountain Ridge/ Let’s Fall in Love
Shanxi Folk Songs: Jiaocheng Mountain/ A Three Day Journey Completed in Two Days/ Longing in My Heart for My Lover
Shanxi Folk Songs (duet): Salute to the Lunar Year/ Longing for a Kiss
Shaanxi Folk Song/ Arr. Cao Wengong: Liberation – folk chant for ensemble
Shanxi Folk Song/ Arr. Cao Wengong: Fifth Brother Tending the Sheep, for ensemble

Ethnic folk songs are a treasure of traditional Chinese culture. They originate in the work and daily lives of the people, and are a form of vocal music of the most “original local flavor” widely spread among the people.

China’s northwest features a unique environment and living conditions, rich in folk traditions and elements, and is the birthplace of a large number of folk singers. A Bao, from Shaanxi Province, dazzled the audience with his singing mastery at the 2006 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, becoming a famous name in China. He was later also invited to sing in Salzburg. Wang Erni, also from Shaanxi, features a sweet and clear voice, and her image of a simple young girl touched the hearts of audiences at the 2011 CCTV Individual Vocal Concert, creating new records to the show’s ratings.

The Beijing Song and Dance Theatre National Orchestra is the city’s only folk ensemble and has, on various occasions, accompanied the country’s leaders on official visits around the world. The Orchestra presents Loess Ballads , alongside two representatives of Chinese ethnic folk songs, A B ao and Wang Erni, allowing the audience to enjoy the unique charm of the flavors of the Loess plateau.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, including one interval