Lamenti and Love Songs – Italian Madrigals from around 1600

Profeti della Quinta (Israel/ Switzerland)

St. Dominic's Church

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Musical Direction: Elam Rotem
Doron Schleifer and David Feldman, Countertenors
Lior Leibovici and Dan Dunkelblum, Tenors
Elam Rotem, Bass and harpsichord
Ori Harmelin, Chitarrone


Programme highlights
L. Luzzaschi: Morir non puo ‘l mio core
C. Monteverdi: Lamento della Ninfa
A. Piccinini: Passacaglia
C. Gesualdo: Occhi, del mio cor vita
S. Lacorcia: Ahi, tu piangi
Anonymous: Ballo del gran duca
G. Frescobaldi: Cosi mi disprezzate

1st Prize at the 2011 York Early Music Young Artists Competition


The Madrigal was the most prominent genre of secular vocal music in the Renaissance and early Baroque.Lamenti and Love Songs follows the evolution of the madrigal from the highly expressive polyphonies of Luzzascho Luzzaschi and Carlo Gesualdo to the revolutionary and visionary works by Claudio Monteverdi that decisively shaped the Baroque era.

Profeti della Quinta have been active in performing and researching hitherto neglected repertoire, such as Emilio de’ Cavalieri’s Lamentations (1600) and Salomone Rossi’s Hashirim asher li’Shlomo (1623), the first publication of polyphony in Hebrew.


Duration: approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, no interval

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